Getting to know  you:

We absolutely love to meet new friends! Instead of telling you what we do, our process begins with learning everything about you and all of the others who will enjoy our products in your home. Tell us everything. Family, friends, pets or even pesky neighbors. The more we know about your  wants, needs, tastes, styles, passions or dreams the better equipped we are to cater your design to perfection. Consider where you store items, and what you love or hate about your current situation. Send us your dream and idea files and photos of your current room. When we understand fully how to meet your needs, wants, and expectations we will be assuring a fun process and a successful project.


Family Etc (


Functional Needs

Problems to solve

What to expect/plan for

(fill out bid sheet)


Getting together

Come visit! We love to see you smile and to enjoy some face-to-face time. We offer free design consultation at our factory showroom, let’s schedule an appointment. We know we are a little bit out of the way but believe us, it will be worth your time. We can also come to you if you prefer, contact us for rates and availability of a site visit to your home . Though a minimal cost is involved with this, we can also take accurate measurements while we are there to guarantee a successful build. ( We will also provide you with a recommended floor plan for your project whether or not you decide to move forward with your project. ?)



Free design consultation appointment  (Schedule your free design consultation appointment at our showroom)

Site visit  $79 zone 1  $89 zone 2 $ 99 zone 3

Measuring –



My Design Process

Let’s build your design! We use the premier design software for cabinet design work on the planet.  Using Cabinet Vision we will generate every bit of information we need to ensure we accurately execute your wishes for the space. We have over 50 years of combined design experience working for you, you will be impressed.  Included the design fee portion of you project, are 5 sheets of design work. They include floorplan, elevation and even 3 dimensional renderings. You will know exactly what your project will look like before we build it. Also included, is a 12 inch wide by 12 inch tall door sample in your selected profile and finish. This will be helpful in selecting the other finishes for your project (decorative hardware, tile, backsplash, paint colors)  Also it will give you the opportunity to see your finish color in the natural light of the location of your piece. We have all had the disappointing experience of choosing a paint color at the store only to find it looks terrible on the wall in our home. You won’t need to worry about that with our products. You can select to schedule the work immediately by paying the deposit in full, or just cover the cost of the design fees. Our process is fun and designed to ensure your satisfaction.






Cost per design – $75 hr or page

Includes 5 sheets – floorplan elevation and 3D

Door sample in your species, profile and finish (helpful for selecting other finishes, seen in your own light setting

Justify cost by credentials of designers (over 50 years combined design experience)

Revisions and Sample Approval




My Production Process

Let’s get to work! After we have approval both of the design and door sample, your project is released for   production. We build each component of your project here at the factory. If an issue should arise with some component of your project, we won’t be waiting weeks for it to ship form places unknown. We will simply make a replacement.  Your  will be precisely machined and assembled by our technicians and craftsman using both cutting edge technology and  timeless woodworking methods of hand tool craftsmanship.


My Delivery/Installations –

Let’s get it finished! Upon completion of the fabrication of your project we will contact you in order to schedule a convenient time for installation. While many companies outsource this process to other subcontractors, we feel this is a mistake. A professional installation by a team  of our trained technicians is  what you deserve. These are employees of our company who are authorized to make decisions, and address issues directly with you in order to ensure you are pleased with the results of your project. You do not need to fear the finger pointing and run around that results from too many people being involved in your contract. Your project manager will oversee your project through all of the processes inside of the factory and inside of your home, and has the can solve any concern immediately.  Upon completion of the installation, please review our work and submit a single and comprehensive punch out list to your project manager. These issues will be addressed in a timely fashion and you will be very satisfied with your project.







Payment Terms

What to expect

Single Punch out List

Return visit pricing




Keep your project looking beautiful! We use the most durable and beautiful finishing products available. Here are some tips on keeping them looking their best:

  • Avoid excess moisture as it can cause both structural damage as well as damage to your finish. Keep a soft cotton cloth handy to wipe moisture from cabinetry ( Pay extra attention where water may run off of counter edges around sinks in the kitchen, bath or laundry room)
  • Wipe gently with a damp cloth to clean being sure to completely dry
  • Avoid harsh detergents, soaps, abrasives, powders, sponges, pads, steel wool or anything that may scratch your finish
  • Avoid solvent base or petroleum based thinners or spirits.
  • Avoid bleach or silicone based waxes or polishes
  • Avoid direct sunlight and exposure to sources of heat as they may damage the finish



From time to time as we use our homes damage may occur. Do not fret! Contact us and we can send a touch up kit our schedule a crew for regular maintenance. It is important to us that your project maintains its beauty. We will provide up front pricing estimates to you for these services or you can schedule regular annual maintenance if you prefer.




















Damage- Pricing for Touch up

Warnings (moisture, heat, etc.)