Our Story

The beginning

Measure twice, cut once. If he said it to me once it was a million times. My grandfather, Charlie. Get it right the first time.  In fact, a few years before he died,  he and my  grandmother gave me a plaque that echoes  this same mantra, but was clearly made by someone who was still learning to put it into practice. Always joking. He could make a nun laugh in church. That plaque hangs inside of  our office to this day, as a constant reminder to  be accurate, get it right and  also to not take yourself too seriously.  Perhaps the second million times I heard it was from Greg, my dad.  As a young boy, I was always building wooden boxes. Once I painted one of these creations to store my GI  joes but left the bottom unfinished. He corrected me and  taught me an important lesson. In order to build  the best it was important to mind the details even if they could not always be  seen.  He mirrored Charlie’s commitment to perfection and to having a good time. One thing I learned from the time I was “knee high to a tadpole” was that the White family built things, and we built them right. Houses, boats, cars, roads or campfires it didn’t matter.  Build the best. So  it was no surprise to anyone really, when we started pulling apart the cabinetry we were buying from a national manufacturer to sell  in our building materials store to see if we could fix the problems. It could be done better, and our people deserved it. I was 14, the year of the birth of this company. Working summers and winter breaks at the store was a great way for me to meet people, save money for my first Honda Accord , to  stay out of trouble and my mom’s hair. 1994. That was the year I fell hopelessly in love with cabinetry  and sparked a fire that still gets me out of bed before my alarm goes off.


The believers

Our first customers were local homeowners, remodelers, builders, designers and architects  that shopped  at our store. The first iteration we designed for them. It was a robust, entry level cabinet that would stand the test of time, and that we could sell at a reasonable price. It wasn’t perfect but it was exactly what they were looking for. Most of these friends we still serve today, their willingness to share our story with friends, family and neighbors is the reason we are still here, and we are eternally grateful.  Word spread fast but we had a problem, we needed more products and the sooner the better. So our search began for people that shared our vision and work ethic. Passionate people are always hard to find. It can be difficult to be patient for the right fit, but we were fortunate to find folks who cared just as much as we did.  When you meet our staff today, you will understand the difference and why  we are willing to wait for excellent people . We were off to the races, and we began our journey of designing and creating products with the  people we love for the people we love. As the years passed our products continued to grow more refined with the expansion of the numbers and tastes of our clientele. We developed our ability and capacity and have always enjoyed a challenge. We loved to be able to accommodate any request, especially for our believers.


The best

There is no shortage of companies  who claim to be the best. Hamburgers, life insurance, cellphones, and  drug companies hammer us with these boasts until our senses are numb. They water down the message and then usually let us down or convince us otherwise. Our approach is different. We believe in the journey to perfection. Though it can never be attained, it is  the daily journey of making ourselves, our process, and our  products better that takes us closer to this goal. Daily improvements. It is this challenge that drives us, motivates us, at times frustrates us but  inspires us. This pursuit has led us to design and build the products we offer. We have come a long way since our first cabinet design, and we do feel our cabinets offer the best benefits to our clients than any on the market today.  However, we will continue to improve, adapt and mold our products to make them more perfect for you. After all, we are your cabinet factory.   We  will continue to pursue  the passion for beautiful durable products, to create a unique and personal experience and to always  measure twice and cut once.